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Changes can only be achieved with a clear message, a motivated Team and by sticking to the goal. Selective references about the work by Nicolas Entrup.


The following statements provided by some of the contractors and partners within the first year of SHIFTING VALUES are reason enough to be proud as well as looking back positively about our joint achievements. They are also the motivation to look ahead taking on new challenges and be involved in exciting projects. It needs to be noted that successes are always achieved by a close co-operation with the Partners, and their dedicated Teams and people. And the delivery by SHIFTING VALUES often includes a network of passionate experts.

One common goal. A concept and a strategy. One Team.


Shifting Values describes exactly what Niki is all about – a lifetime success in campaigning for change. One year of SHIFTING VALUES has achieved remarkable results, making a difference for the future. I am in awe of what has been accomplished in such a short time. It is always a pleasure to work with Niki due to his professionalism, creative initiative and determination. Being part of the team that produced and launched Breaking Ranks – an analysis of Danish whaling policy – was a pleasure and a privilege because Niki strategized and implemented the perfect plan. And whilst it was hard work, it was always fun! SHIFTING VALUES is what the world needs.

Jennifer Lonsdale
Director, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

Nicolas Entrup is a controlled maelstrom of raw electric energy which he infuses in every project he touches. He is a pleasure to work with – professional, honest, courteous and considerate, adaptable as circumstances change, and a good team player. He is instrumental in making things happen.

Erich Hoyt
Far East Russia Orca Project Director and Research Fellow, WDCS; author of Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises and other books.,

In 2011, HSI hired Nicholas Entrup as a consultant to work on wildlife conservation issues at a meeting of the Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS). Mr. Entrup’s performance under the contract was exemplary. He engaged HSI in strategic planning in the weeks before the meeting; he kept HSI apprised of developments during the meeting and provided a platform for further strategic planning and input; he succeeded in achieving the goals we hoped to achieve at the meeting, including one that was both surprising and extremely welcome; he produced useful materials above and beyond that required as a minimum to achieve these results; and he followed up his consultancy by providing a lengthy, detailed report of his work within two weeks of the close of the meeting. Throughout the consultancy, Mr. Entrup was highly professional, easy to get along with, and focused on meeting our needs.

Kitty Block
Humane Society International

Nicolas Entrup and SHIFTING VALUES has already made a big impression on our organisation. Nicolas’ diplomatic skill, spiced with creativity and ingenuity, opens doors and leverages outcomes that we know others struggle to achieve. His vision and insight motivates incredible outcomes from everyone he works with. SHIFTING VALUES tangibly shifts agendas forward.

We had the pleasure of SHIFTING VALUES support during the 10th Convention on Migratory Species meeting, held in Norway in November 2011. Together we delivered species outcomes for polar bear, whales and elephants, kept civil society in focus and opened diplomatic doors that had been fused shut for decades – we not only met our targets, we exceeded them!
SHIFTING VALUES is a gift to our sector – a gift we treasure.

Margi Prideaux
Policy and Negotiations Director, Migratory Wildlife Network

SHIFTING VALUES delivered a professional work product, meeting all of our objectives for the polar bear at the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS). As a bonus, SHIFTING VALUES brought its passion for the work and our conservation goals to the table, more effectively meeting our needs.

Zak Smith
Staff Attorney, NRDC

SHIFTING VALUES is an important partner for OceanCare. We already carried out several successful campaigns together. Time and again we are impressed by the high competence and excellent network of this agency in the field of environment and animal protection. Highly recommendable.

Sigrid Lüber
President OceanCare

We know Nicolas Entrup for many years as highly dedicated and competent fighter for animal and species protection. Whether wild or domesticated animals – in his first year with his agency SHIFTING VALUES he was already able to give an important impetus to achieve a shift in thinking both at the political level and in the public. Keep it up, Niki!

Dr. Sandra Altherr
Co-founder, Pro Wildlife

All alone across the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat – what an idea! The SHIFTING VALUES team was venturous enough to take over the media work for this extreme project. And this was about bearing great responsibility – backing me up out there in my physical and mental state of emergency. All this for 90 days, 90 nights and 6500 kilometers. They stayed the course – brilliantly.

Janice Jakait
Row for Silence

SHIFTING VALUES is the leading campaigns agency in supporting NGOs to effectively reach their goals, to change values in this society and to shift the world some way in the right direction.

Helmut Dungler
founder and president, VIER PFOTEN / FOUR PAWS

WDC has been proud to continue its cooperation with SHIFTING VALUES. Together with SHIFTING VALUES we were able to work with a network of fellow NGOs in taking the issue of Denmark's poor record on whale protection into the heart of the European Parliament. As part of a larger coordinated effort this led to some major successes at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) annual meeting at which Denmark, and the IWC as a whole, were forced to face up to the realities of their failure to regulate commercial whaling in Greenland – a practice that is no longer acceptable in the eyes of the world community.

Niki Entrup's drive and strategic approach to large scale conservation problems not only added to the campaign, but ensured an essential component of the campaign was highly effective in its delivery.

It’s a pleasure working with SHIFTING VALUES and we would commend them to any organization that was looking for that added value in developing and implementing a campaign that you want to win!

Chris Butler-Stroud
Chief Executive, Whale and Dolphin Conservation